Whenever I’m feeling a little low on energy I look at a few things in my life. These include sleep, diet, exercise, stress and overall activity level. If all these things seem to be in order than I take a look at what multivitamin I’m taking. I have always believed in taking a multivitamin just to cover all my bases. It’s an easy way to safeguard against any potential vitamin and mineral deficiency in my diet.

I have tried a number of different vitamins over the years. The last one I was taking was GNC’s Megeman. I even did a quick video about it if you want to check it out. I was happy with Megeman for a while because it was a relatively cheap multivitamin that did not upset my stomach. It was lacking a few essential constituents like coenzyme Q10 and enough calcium; however, so it might not have been as economical as I thought.

Recommended Multivitamins for Energy and Good Health:

The multivitamin I’m taking now is called Damage Control Master Formula I first heard about damage control about seven years ago when one of my personal training clients went to a famous anti-aging doctor in NYC. This doctor has an A-list of celebrity and high power clients. He told her that Damage Control Master Formula was the best multivitamin formula on the market. Not only did my client start taking it but she also gave me a container of it, as well. I remember reading the label and was impressed with all the high potency antioxidants so I gave it a try.

One concern I have with taking any new vitamin supplement is whether it will upset my stomach. I was happy to see that it did not upset my stomach and I felt great taking it. My energy level was good and it was easy to take because the vitamins come in a small packet, which is easy to carry with you. The only reason that I stopped taking it is due to the cost. At that time the supplement was just too much money for me to spend so I started looking for cheaper alternatives.

Now money is not an issue so I’m taking Damage Control Master Formula again and I’m very satisfied with the product. The manufacture is Mark Sisson who has one of the more popular health and fitness web sites called Mark’s Daily Apple. I’m a regular reader of his blog and trust him as a manufacture of supplements. If you start reading his blog you will learn that he really knows his stuff.

If you’re looking to take vitamins for energy or just want to safeguard your diet against any deficiencies give this Multivitamin a try and see how you feel.

My Best Multivitamin Picks:

Least Expensive Multivitamin – GNC’s Megeman or Women’s Ultra Mega

Worlds Best High Potency MultiVitamin – Damage Control Master Formula

Let me know if you like to take a multi-vitamin. Does it give you more energy?

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Best – Mike Cola

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