Now it’s time to start thinking about you’re fitness plans for 2017. After the first of the year I always sit down with each of my personal training clients and talk about what worked for them in 2016 and what did not. What I have learned over the 25 years of training clients is to capitalize on the success my clients have had in the past. The mistake I made years ago with my clients was not to realize what had worked for them in the past and build upon it. If someone had a good year, lost weight and reached a number of their health and fitness goals, I would really try to take them to the next level and many times it failed. It failed because we tried to go too far. We found a system that was working and we should have just tweaked it instead of totally revamping it.

What I would like everyone to do for 2017 is sit down and make up a list of everything you did in the past year that improved your health and fitness. If you have to go back a few years so be it. For example, if you lost some weight this year, how did you do it? Did you start eating oatmeal for breakfast and stopped having a muffin? What did you do in the gym that improved your fitness? Did you lift free weights or use machines? What makes you look and feel the best? Did any classes you took generate the results you wanted? Did you start juicing and your blood pressure and cholesterol went down?

Now that you have a list of what has worked for you, setting health fitness goals for 2017 can be easy. Just base these goals on the lifestyle changes that have worked for you in the past and tweak them a little further. Don’t make the typical resolutions such as I want to lose 20 pounds. Instead, make them more specific and based on your proven success list. For example, I lost 5 pounds last year walking 30 minutes, three days per week so this year my goal is to walk 30 minutes, 5 days per week.

This process has worked well for my clients over the years, so give it a try. In addition, send me a list via comments of the health and fitness successes you had in 2016; I would love to read them.

More importantly, I’d like to wish every one a healthy and happy new year. Looking forward to a great 2017.

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Best – Mike Cola

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My name is Mike Cola (yeah that is me in the pic @ 54 years old). I’ve been called a “Contrarian” since I believe that most mainstream fitness approaches are extremely inefficient.

I achieved the look in that photo just training 3 times per week. My specialty is helping people reach peak condition without having to hit the gym 6-7 times per week.

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Best - Mike Cola

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