The SINGLE Ingredient That is Keeping You From Losing Weight

This is a guest post from Rafi Bar-Lev who blogs at Passionate Fitness and recently wrote an article on how to gain weight fast.

The SINGLE Ingredient That is Keeping You From Losing Weight

Dianna sat there, drinking her diet cola and wondering why she just wasn’t able to lose weight. It just didn’t make sense. She was on a diet, she only ate “low-calorie” and “zero-calorie” foods and drinks, but she was still overweight. What could she have possibly been doing wrong?

Can you spot the biggest, glaring mistake that Dianna is making? The thing that should be obvious to anyone trying to lose weight but just doesn’t seem to be?

If you said that she’s drinking soda, then you’re absolutely right.

In fact, many experts say that SODA, more than any other thing, is one of the leading causes of obesity. It is jam packed with sugar, and in particular – fructose. Human beings were NEVER exposed to the amount of pure fructose that we have been exposed to in the last 40 years, and we can see the effects.

When fitness legend Jack Lalanne said that the reason kids were getting fat was because of sugar decades ago, he was right and way ahead of his generation. More than any other substance, sugar turns to fat. And the fake sugar found in diet sodas is not better, and if anything might be worse.

So what’s the #1, easiest, and fastest way to start losing weight?

Cut the sugar from your diet. Or at least reduce it. Increase your physical activity, cut the soda, lower the junk food – and not only will the fat start falling off, but you’ll have more energy as well.

By -Rafi Bar-Lev

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4 Responses to “The SINGLE Ingredient That is Keeping You From Losing Weight”

  1. I must agree … with the addition of refined, high G.I carbs.
    Anything that will kick the insulin through the roof.


  2. Be suspicious of anything with a label saying ‘diet’ or ‘low fat’. Some are fine but there are a lot which are not. Read the small print.

  3. I totally agree. Thanks for saying this. Soda is pure crap–but that sugar sure tastes good! I noticed a few months ago that i was developing a bad habit of getting a soda from the vending machine at work once/day. Fortunately, I stopped after about 3 weeks. I’m very health conscious and fit, and I was getting sucked into the soda trap. I can see how easy it is for someone who isn’t health conscious to get addicted to this stuff!

  4. I am glad I hate soda, I’ve only tried it once in my life and I thought it tasted like poison.
    I do love a lot of fruit, I know it’s still sugar but different sugar, I tried to cut down on fruit, but it’s been tough for me to do that.