Quick tips to get rid of tennis elbow:

  • Loosen the strings in your tennis racket
  • Consider changing to a more flexible tennis racket
  • Wear a tennis elbow support
  • Ice your elbow for 15 minutes right after you play
  • Consider taking anti-inflammatory medication (ask your doctor)
  • Rest your elbow

Keep in mind the reason you have tennis elbow is most likely because you have an imbalance or weakness somewhere else in your body. You are compensating for this weakness by making your elbow work much harder than is has to. To cure tennis elbow, you must figure out where the weaknesses and limitations are through-out your whole body and not just focus on the muscles and connective tissue in your elbow. Once you know where the limitations are, than you can start a tennis elbow treatment program that integrates the whole body as well as isolates the muscle and tendons in the elbow. Refer to my video Tennis Elbow Treatment for help with the exercise program.

Quick outline of the integrated and isolated exercise program for tennis elbow:

  • Squat with rotation
  • Stationary lunge with rotation
  • Stepping lunge with rotation
  • Wrist flexion and extension
  • Wrist pro-nation and super-nation
  • Stepping backhand lunge with resistance band

Start off easy; one set 10 slow reps (up for 2 seconds and down for 5 seconds for isolated exercises)  per exercise. Work up to two sets 20 reps per exercise three days per week. Watch the video for a complete demonstration of the tennis elbow program. It also addresses the most common limitations I have seen over the years that lead to tennis elbow.

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