Sugar Kills Muscle Tissue

When I was in my teens, over 30 years ago, I spent a lot of time reading bodybuilding books and magazines looking for information on how to build a muscular body. The top bodybuilders of the time were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Franco Colombo, just to name a few. I will never forget reading in Franco Colombo’s book when he said “sugar kills muscle tissue”. For the next ten years, every time I ate something sweet I thought I was killing muscle tissue and counter acting all the hard work I did in the gym.

What I did not realize until years later is that sugar does not kill muscle tissue it just make you fat so you can’t see the muscle. One of the best things you can do to get and stay lean is to stop eating sugar. That includes bread, pasta, rice, sweet drinks or any carbohydrate that is processed and not in its whole natural form.  Bodybuilders have always been experts at achieving very low levels of body fat. Even 30 years ago before all the scientific studies and research, bodybuilders knew that sugar was going to make you fat. Franco may have been wrong about sugar killing muscle tissue but he was right about sugar in general. You can’t build a healthy muscular body eating a diet high in sugar.

I have always felt that bodybuilders and athletes were years ahead of the research. People figure out what works way before the studies catch up.  I never quite understood how the low fat-high carbohydrate diet got so popular a decade ago. No bodybuilders I knew back then were eating a high carbohydrate diet and keeping their body fat low. I have never known anyone who got their body fat really low eating sugary foods with very low fat and minimal protein. The high carbohydrate-low fat craze was created by the doctors, researches and the media, instead of the individuals who already had low body fat like bodybuilders.

Protein, vegetables and fat is the way to go. Bodybuilders have been doing it for 50 years; it’s time the rest of us catch on.

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3 Responses to “Sugar Kills Muscle Tissue”

  1. I struggle with cutting down on my sugar intake…I have a big sweet tooth and this is often where I splurge away from my healthy lifestyle…Chocolate is just too good! But it’s all about doing and consuming things in moderation.

  2. Mike, while I agree with you that sugar levels should be controlled in our diets and too much sugar leads to weight gain, I would dispute your point that athletes should dramatically curb their carbohydrate intake. As a long distance runner, carbohydrates constitute the bulk of my diet and provide essential energy for endurance events. What’s more, consuming simple carbohydrates before and sometimes after a long race is positively encouraged and expected. As running burns such high levels of calories, it is perfectly possible to consume a diet high in carbohydrate, and relatively high in sugar whilst maintaining a lean physique.

  3. Ian, I am pretty sure this article is directed more towards the bodybuilder or someone who wants to keep their weight under control. You obviously expend more kcals. than you eat. Carbs aren’t going to effect you the same way it would say a bodybuilder or someone who lives a moderate active lifestyle.