Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

It might seem like bad luck that you get sick right before Christmas or New Years. I see so many people just not feeling well around the holidays. I have friends and clients who just plan on being sick by the time New Years come around. When you really think about it, it all makes sense. Is there any other time of the year when you over eat, drink and stay up late consistently for a few weeks straight?

Well you can stay healthy through the holidays by following these simple guidelines:

  • Get some sunlight or take vitamin D. Studies show that the lack of sunlight in the winter months can make you more prone to getting sick.
  • Even though you’re busy don’t neglect your exercise program. Studies have shown that walking 45 minutes a day can boost your immune system.
  • Stay hydrated; alcohol dehydrates. Drink a lot of water.
  • Get enough sleep. You can have fun and still sleep at least 7 hours a night.
  • Try to save the overeating and drinking for the big parties and events. Moreover, have fun and eat whatever you want without any guilt but go right back to healthy eating the next day.
  • Try to limit the hard alcohol. Drink a little wine that complements the foods you’re eating. By eliminating hard alcohol, you will have a better night sleep and feel much better in the morning.

I know a number of these suggestions seem like common sense but you can burn yourself out during the holiday season. Why run your self down and ruin the holidays by getting sick? The holidays don’t have to be a marathon just a few nights of sprinting.

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Best – Mike Cola

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2 Responses to “Staying Healthy Through the Holidays”

  1. A very nice information. Its possible to stay healthy if we follow the steps you have provided.

  2. As much as many people tend to spend holidays carelessly as his is the opportune time they claim to be resting, they end end upon tampering with their health which is dangerous,but if they get access to this tips and put them into practice then such will be avoided.