Soccer Can Lower Blood Pressure

A study was just published showing how three months of soccer practice twice per week significantly reduced blood pressure, resting heart rate and percent body fat in inactive men with high blood pressure.  This experiment pointed out that playing a sport like soccer was just as effective as a doctor’s prescribing diet, resistance training and aerobics like running to lower blood pressure.

The project leader of the soccer experiment, Peter Krstrup, Professor at University of Copenhagen, said “Our research shows that soccer is a versatile and intense form of exercise that provides a positive effect on cardiovascular risk factors in a large group of untrained adult men and women,” and continues: “Based on the results, soccer can be recommended as part of the treatment for high blood pressure and as broad-spectred prevention of cardiovascular diseases.”

The researchers concluded that when you play soccer your pulse remains high and you perform multiple sprints which results in not only cardiovascular strength but muscular strength, as well.

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