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I’ve been writing this blog now for over six months and beside training clients, I spend a lot of time researching health topics and looking at numerous health/fitness blogs on the internet. I’m always looking for innovative fitness sites that are contrarian to popular health and fitness trends that make you think and provide alternative points of view. Primal Fitness has got my attention. Primal fitness and diet is based on how the primal man lived and ate many years ago. The hunters and gatherers concept of how our primal ancestors lived, ate and moved makes a lot of sense.

The primal man ate whole natural foods; there was no agriculture. Most likely their diets consisted of whatever game they could hunt and whatever was growing in the area like, nuts, seeds, roots and fruit that they could gather.  Their diet likely consisted of mostly protein and fat with a small amount of carbohydrates.  No grains were eaten.

The primal man hunted for their food. When you hunt game you need to stalk your prey and then suddenly attack.  This means steady continuous movement followed by short very intense movement. This sounds like interval training to me. When they were gathering food daily, it was long easy functional movement. This activity is very similar to my post on Working-out Hard and Easy.

After looking over some of these primal fitness sites I realize some of my health and fitness beliefs and recommendations are founded on this primal theory.  This include aspects of the primal diet, short hard exercise, and long easy exercise and rest which are all the basic concepts I’ve been using for years to keep myself and clients in good physical and mental health.

In the future, I will be writing more about this primal diet and concept but in the meantime, here are some great sites that explain primal fitness on some level.  Mark’s Daily Apple is a great site with loads of information on the primal lifestyle. A few other sites to check out are: Fitness Spotlight,  Theory to Practice, Primal Wisdom, Son of Grok and Barefoot Ted’s Adventures.

Let me know what you think about the primal lifestyle concept.

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One Response to “Primal Fitness: Go Primal”

  1. I definitely agree that eating whole foods, exercising in short bursts and easy long stretches (particularly exercising while using the land, i.e. gardening) and resting is what keeps a healthy body. These few simple principles are what so many Americans fail to do. If we could go back to the Earth, we could go back to health.