Thinking about taking Human Growth Hormone

By age 40 most men’s natural hormone levels start to decrease. This can lead to a decrease in energy, poor outlook on life, increased body fat,decreased muscle mass, sleep problems and reduced libido. Well, it’s not that bad getting older but can Human Growth Hormone (HGH) help restore your hormone levels and slow down aging? […]

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Healthy Breakfast Meals

Most common and popular breakfast foods are not good for you. In particular, cold cereal with skim milk is not a good choice to start the day. I know it is frustrating when you’ve given up the bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches or corn muffins for cold cereal and still aren’t losing weight or feeling […]

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Stop static stretching before a workout

Static stretching can make you weaker. Research has shown that holding a muscle in the lengthen position for 30 seconds can make the muscle weaker for up to 45 minutes. Save your static stretching for after the workout.

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