Overloaded With Fitness Information?

Most of the time, I really enjoy reading about health and fitness. Every now and then; however, I get overloaded with information or get over enthusiastic about my fitness program and diet, and wind up mislead in the wrong direction. If you want to live a happy and healthy life without making too many mistakes, my advice to you is to keep it simple.

I have devoted 25 years to the pursuit of health and fitness as a personal trainer and in the last couple of years, writing this blog. The more I research about nutrition, exercise and wellness, the more I realize that common sense and listening to what your own body is telling you, makes the most sense.

If you are tired then rest. If you are working long hours make sure you get enough sleep. If you are living on fast food start eating some vegetables. If you’re over weight start by eating a little less. If you’re sore all the time from your workouts, cut back a little. We pretty much all know the simple answers but we all seem to be looking for the new magic formula that will bring us to the ultimate state of happiness and good health.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I have discussed my favorite ways to eat, lose weight, exercise and stay active and healthy but none of them are carved in stone. If you are new to this blog, checkout my Fitness Principles and you will have a good idea where I am coming from. We all have to find a way to live healthy while not getting obsessed or overwhelmed with all the information that is out there.

Blogging about health and fitness has been very rewarding for me and keeps me on the cutting edge of all fitness related topics. I follow well over a 100 fitness blogs and spend many hours each week reading new studies. Every now and then I just say to myself; however, that it’s mostly all common sense. We all need to get enough sleep, eat whole natural foods, stay active physically, exercise our brains, set goals and have loving relationships with our family and friends. It’s really that simple.

Let me know if you ever feel overloaded with fitness information and let me know where you get most of your health and fitness information from.

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Best – Mike Cola

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Mike Cola has well over 50,000 hours of hands-on personal training experience. He started his own personal training studio in1989, Mike Cola Fitness, which is located in New York.Connect with Mike @ Google+

6 Responses to “Overloaded With Fitness Information?”

  1. Hello. Just like what you said, the need to get fit can be so all-consuming for most people. Thank you for enlightening us with this simple but very helpful advice. After reading this, the readers can now easily do away with all the overdone routines and figure out the simplest way for them to get fit in due time.

  2. Hey MIke,
    The great thing with fitness blogs like yours is you bring your expertise and have looked at what works and what does not. I know when I was starting out over a decade ago I had to get books, magazines to learn new techniques and often they did not give me the results I was looking for. Now with the internet more info is available, which is not always a good thing, but with blogs like yours it is possible to find great info.


  3. Mike,

    As a fellow fitness blogger, I definitely know the feeling of fitness information overload. It’s crazy especially when you hear contradicting pieces of information. There’s no way to do it all. If you try to, you’ll most likely be counterproductive.

    First, I think about what my exact fitness goals are. Then, I pick and choose bits and pieces of information from multiple sources that work best for me in achieving those goals. This way, I am taking in a lot of info, but I’m simplifying how I process it.


  4. Good article Mike, I am with you 100 %. The real problem is, and it is really with every market too.. many people try to earn money with information which are not practical for 90 % of the people.

    I am glad you having this blog, keep up the great work.


  5. Hi Mike,
    I am have been very overwhelmed by all the different fitness and nutritional approaches. I’ve been reading so many things that I am completely confused. I really enjoy reading Mark’s daily apple, and his approach does make sense to me. But in my fitness study guide I’ve learned how important grains and carbs are in general.
    I am pretty caught up in between. What do you think about primal nutrition approach, and do you have any other suggestions.
    Thank you

  6. I know when I was starting out over a decade ago I had to get books, magazines to learn new techniques and often they did not give me the results I was looking for. Now with the internet more info is available