Are You Feeling Out of Shape Now That It’s The End of Summer?

It’s Labor Day weekend and I’m feeling a little bit out of shape. I had a great summer. The weather was extra hot in New York but sunny so I spent a lot of time just being active outside with the family and with friends. I was on vacation for over four weeks this summer so it was hard to keep my diet and exercise routine exactly perfect. It was a few too many beers and barbeques for me. Sometimes I don’t follow my own advice.

I seem to always feel out of shape by the end of the summer. Most people who workout all the time and take their diet and healthy life style seriously, go into the summer looking and feeling great but by the end of the summer are a little out of shape. I find this to be the opposite for the average person. Most people who don’t workout and spend most of their time indoors in the winter, lose weight in the summer and feel fit. The good weather makes most people live a more active lifestyle and they wind up eating more fruits and local vegetables.

For the people who have lost weight over the summer and feel fit, you should learn from the experience and stay active for the rest of the year. If you can eat better and be more active in the summer you can find ways to keep it up in the fall and winter. For example, join a gym or indoor pool, or have a regular tennis or racquetball game each week. Otherwise, walk before work or after dinner daily even if it gets cold out. It can be invigorating bundling up and going for a walk on cold or snowy days. In addition, join an organic food co-op and get vegetables and fruits delivered to your home.

On the other hand, if you are like me and want to be in top shape but let yourself slip a little this summer, try this. I just turned 48 a couple of weeks ago and decided to take a quick picture of myself and post it in this article. I got a number of e-mails asking me to post a picture of myself so I figured why not take a picture now when I’m not looking my best. This will help motivate me to get back on track for the fall and winter season.

Taking a picture of yourself is a great way to motivate yourself to get your eating and exercise program under control. After you take your picture, write down some goals.

Mike Cola @ 48

For example, here are some of my goals:

• I want to see my abdominals

• I want an inch off my waist

• I want to get my body fat down to single digits again

Then take these goals and write down a plan to achieve them.

When you’re out of shape and need to get back in shape you have to:

1. Set specific goals

2. Have a plan to achieve each goal

3. Put leverage on yourself to stay motivated

I known this might seem like commonsense but most people don’t take the time to do it.

If you are out of shape and want to improve how you look and feel, send me your picture, goals and how you are going to leverage yourself. Just sending me your picture can be leverage enough for you to take action because you will have to be accountable to me. If you need more motivation, I can post your picture on this site and give you six weeks to send me an “after” picture.

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Best – Mike Cola

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5 Responses to “Are You Feeling Out of Shape Now That It’s The End of Summer?”

  1. Now there is an interesting challenge, Mike. I will think about this. I like the concept a lot. Clear, and doable. Thank you!

  2. Mike – you are in kick ass shape. Glad I found your site.


  3. Hey Yavor,

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Best – Mike

  4. Your summer end is my beginning (being an Aussie and all that :)).
    As Yavor mentioned, you are in top shape.
    Very inspirational and a great blog to boot. Keep it up!

  5. Hey Clint,

    Thanks for the comment and compliment.

    I was in Austral about 15 years ago. My wife had to go for business and I tagged along and surfed every beach I could find. We had an incredible time.

    Have a great summer.

    Best – Mike