If you know what you’re going to order before you sit down at a restaurant your chances of making a healthy choice will go up tenfold.  Once you sit down at a restaurant and have a few sips of your martini you will pretty much order anything on the menu regardless of calories or your health, particularly if you’re hungry.

My personal training clients were always asking me what to eat when they go out to dinner. For years I used to frequent restaurants that my clients would go to so that I could recommend healthy choices for them while still letting them enjoy a delicious meal. It was fun and challenging going out to different restaurants in New York City like Jean Georges, Union Square Café and Le Bernardin to name a few to determine what I thought were the least fattening appetizers, entrees and deserts for my clients to eat. I would even study the drink menu and make my recommendations. But this process was very time consuming and costly. My clients frequent some of the best restaurants in New York and to try to keep up with them and the changing menus was impossible for me.

Over the years the Internet has made my job a lot easier. Most restaurants have their menus on their website. When one of my clients is going out to a restaurant, all I have to do is look at the menu and make my suggestions. Every now and then I call to ask some questions but most of the time there is enough information right on the web.

I recommend trying this the next time you plan on going out to eat. Go online and look up the menu and decide exactly what you’re going to eat and drink before you get there. Not only will you make a much healthy and sliming choice you will enjoy your time at the restaurant more.  You will have plenty of time to socialize without the pressure of not knowing what to order. Call the restaurant and ask some questions like what are the specials tonight and how are the dishes prepared. If you’re going to a fine restaurant they will be happy to help you.

Follow these rules when deciding what to eat at the best restaurants in New York

  • Stick to vegetables and protein (meat, fish and poultry) when it comes to appetizers and entrees. Ordering meat and vegetables are all good choices as long as they’re not breaded or fried. Tuna tartare, grilled octopus, vegetable salads, grain & cream free soups are all good choices for appetizers. Steaks, chops, whole fish, poultry entrees served with vegetables are all good choices as long as they’re not breaded, fried, glazed or caramelized.
  • What you don’t want to eat are grains or potatoes. No bread, rice or pasta. Even so called healthy grains are off limits like quinoa & couscous. No mashed, baked or roasted potatoes and stay away from all pasta.
  • In addition don’t order anything that has a sugary coating. No sugary glazes or barbeque sauces. Avoid anything caramelized.
  • Have a small portion of cheese or fruit for desert
  • When ordering alcoholic drinks stick to martinis and wine within reason.

I have found over the years that this style of eating works very well in fine restaurants. It lets you enjoy the taste of fine food by not limiting the fat and spices in the preparation. What you are avoiding by sticking to my recommendations are the empty calories and the sugar content on the menu. Eating the bread, pasta, rice and potatoes is what puts you over the limit and adds the inches to your waistline.

The next time you plan on going to a fine restaurant decide what you’re going to eat ahead of time. You will be a lot happier in the morning when you step on the scale.

If you need some help making the right fine-dining decisions drop me an email.

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Best – Mike Cola

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