Mallomar Cookies are One of My Families’ Vices

My kids think Mallomar cookies are the world’s greatest tasting cookies.  I love them too.

If you live in the United States you can only buy Mallomars  from early October to April. It is my understanding that Mallomars melt too easily so they are only produced seanonally.  Now that it is fall my wife just brought home a large case of them from Costco. I just had my first Mallomar of the season and it did not disappoint. It was fresh, crisp and went down easy. My daughter ate about five in less than 5 minutes.

Now all of you know that I don’t believe in eating processed foods and eating Mallomar cookies goes against everything I talk about on the site. But we all have our vices and Mallomar cookies are one of my families’ vices.

What does happen every year is my kids and I eat a bunch for a few days and then just stop. At first I was concerned that my kids would never stop and become diabetic before their 10th birthday but it works best by not depriving them. Like any treat, after you get it out of your system, it no longer has the same appeal. The cookies just don’t taste as good in the long term.

I asked my daughter why she stopped eating them and she said “I don’t like them that much anymore”. Maybe they follow my lead. But I think they would have stopped even if I didn’t. Also to be honest, I only keep one type of junk food in the house at any one time so my kids have grown up in an environment of 90% healthy whole natural foods. That technique of only having one type of junk food in the house has worked well for my family. My kids always seem to get tired of the one processed food we have and move on. What you don’t want to do is have a kitchen with an assortment of junk food. You and your kids will never get tired of a variety of junk food.

Keep in mind it’s almost impossible to eat perfect 100% of the time. I really do eat perfect 90% of the time. I always have a little bit of a harder time in the summer with all the entertaining and vacation. But when I average out the whole year, which includes having a few extra beers in the summer, or eating a few Mallomar cookies in the fall, it doesn’t due much harm.

If you can’t stop eating Mallomar cookies and you’re looking for a way to lose some weight, an associate of mine Brad Pilon just came out with a new version of Eat and Stop Eating. The original version of Eat Stop Eating was one of the best selling weight loss programs on the Internet. I have found his program to be a good way to eliminate about 15% of your calories every week without realizing that they are gone. I addition Brad is always give away great stuff on his site so click the link and check it out and don’t over do it with the Mallomars.

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Best – Mike Cola

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8 Responses to “Mallomar Cookies are One of My Families’ Vices”

  1. I like the common sense approach that you share with your readers.

    It works in your house because of the good eating habits that are the foundation.

    I can tell you first hand when that isn’t true sugar becomes a problem. Mallomar’s being the least of the problem. There are many families that have no idea of what a healthy diet looks like. That is when mallomar’s become a problem.

  2. I just had to point out that nutrition tastes good. Once you are hooked on mallomars or any other junk food you don’t realize that.

    You and your family know the good taste of whole foods. That is something I didn’t experience while on a poor diet of America’s best.

  3. Mike,

    I’ve never tried Mallomars before but they look really good! Everyone has their vices. Mine happens to be pizza. As long as you eat clean the majority of the time, occasionally indulging in some of your vice foods won’t do any harm.


  4. @Blanche

    I agree with you.

    It works for my family because we have a good foundation of eating habits and know the great taste of whole foods.


    I like pizza too and on occasion will indulge. But like you, my family and I eat healthy 90% of the time. When looking at the year as a whole a little bit of junk food did not do too much harm.

    Best – Mike

  5. Mike, I have never had a Mallomar cookie before, but they sound pretty tasty. I love eat stop eat and credit it for breaking through my weight loss plateau a while back. I haven’t checked out the new version of this program, but if it’s anything like the original I’m sure it will be great. Speaking indulgences, I just had a weekend full of them and am getting right back on track with the eat stop eat approach.


  6. Hey Jordan,

    Mallomar cookies are great. You have to try one but then you might want to go right into a fast.

    Eat Stop Eating has really helped me break through sticking points with my body fat as well.

    Best – Mike

  7. I have never heard of Mallomars, but we have something similar here called Whippets ( ) which are available all year long. I don’t like them though because I am not a marshmallow lover. When it comes to junk food, processed food, I don’t have too many vices… but one is McCain Deep n’ Delicious Cake. The ingredients list makes me sick, but somehow I still enjoy the taste. I rarely have it though — maybe once or twice a year.

  8. We don’t have those around here unfortunately. I am a huge cookie junkie…

    But usually restrict myself to just around New Years. Because what is Christmas without cookies after all 🙂