L-arginine Supplement Boosts Endurance

Research from the University of Exeter just reported that taking a supplement that increases the nitric oxide in your body could significantly boost your stamina during high-intensity exercise.

Exeter first started their research with beet juice and showed how the high content of nitrate in beet juice can boost your nitric oxide level and lead to an increase in performance.

The supplement used in this study is Ark 1, which is made up of L-arginine an amino acid, which enhances the production of nitric oxide in the body. The study took two groups; one was given a placebo drink and the other the Ark 1(L-arginine rich) drink.

The researches concluded that the supplement:

These findings were published online by Science Daily & the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Andrew Jones, from the University’s School of Sport and Health Sciences, said: “The research found that when the dietary supplement was used there was a striking increase in performance by altering the use of oxygen during exercise.

“This is important for endurance athletes as we would expect the supplement to bring a 1-2% improvement in race times. While this may seem small, this is a very meaningful improvement — particularly at elite levels where small gains can be the difference between winning and losing.”

It looks like L-arginine and beet juice can both possibly increase your high intensity performance with the added kicker of lowering your blood pressure. I will be keeping my eyes open for more conclusive research on the benefits of drinking beet juice or taking an L-arginine supplement.

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2 Responses to “L-arginine Supplement Boosts Endurance”

  1. Peter Milsson May 22, 2011 at 3:31 pm


    Does running 3.5miles in 30minutes every day for 4 days a week enough? And it is possible to build upper body muscles with intense running and of course eating healthy 2 or 3 meals during the day?


  2. Hi Peter,

    Running 3.5 miles 4 times per week is great for good health. More then enough.

    You can build upper body muscles with intense running but you have to be careful not to over train. I would cut back on the running a little if your goal is to build your upper body.

    Best – Mike