What has helped my joints and whole body feel so much better over the past year is incorporating joint mobility movements into my workout program. I personally think that joint mobility or mobility movements are going to be the next buzzword in the fitness industry just like core training or functional training was 10 years ago.

Joint mobility drills are simple movements that bring lubrication to the joints, which can help heal and rejuvenate them. You almost have to look at your joints as separate from your muscular system even though they are all connected. When you are doing these movements you’re not trying to stretch your muscles, you’re just moving your joints in a comfortable range of motion bringing nutrition to the joints and sending propriceptive communication to your central nerves system saying it is OK to do these movements.

Why lubricating the joints is so important?

Lubricating the joints is so important because the joints in your body are encapsulated with connective tissue and there are fluids inside them. Movement increases the secretion of fluids like synovial fluid into the joint. Synovial fluid supplies oxygen, nutrients and reduces friction while providing shock absorption inside your joints.

Why propriceptive communication is so important?

Propriceptive communication is so important because whenever you move there are receptors in your muscles, joint and connective tissue that keep sending signals to your brain to regulate movement. When you have not moved your joints into a certain position for quite a long time or if a particular movement is inhibited for any number of reasons (old injury, overuse, pain), your brain may shut down that motion. By easily incorporating some joint mobility movement patterns back into the joints, you let your brain know that it is OK to do these movements. In other words, you are rewiring your body for pain free movement.

How do perform joint mobility movements.

The goal of a good joint mobility program is to move your joints through a natural rane of motion without putting any strain on the joints. Keep in mind you’re not trying to strengthen or elongate any particular muscle in your body from these movements; you just want to free up movement in your joints. Over time you will automatically become more flexible from good joint mobility and you will get stronger by performing your strength training program pain free.

Here is an example of a video I did demonstrating a basic neck mobility drill

Performing mobility movements on a daily basis is one of the best things I have done to prevent the aging of my joints. You really have to give them a try. To make it a little easier for you, I’m going to do a series of free videos like the one I did for your neck on all different parts of the body. Make sure you come back to my blog to check out all the anti-aging joint mobility videos.

Let me know if you are doing joint mobility drills.

If you are looking for a great mobility program to try, check-out Six Degree Flow by Scott Sonnon.

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Best – Mike

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