I have been talking about the weight loss benefits of fasting on this fitness blog for a few months now. Since I truly believe it is one of the best ways to control your weight, I put together the ultimate intermittent fasting resource. When I first started experimenting with fasting I did a lot of research and found some great information from some of the best bloggers and experts in the field.

After studying all the information I could find, I concluded that the best program to follow is Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eating Program. If you want to try intermittent fasting do it right by following a proven system. To help you decide if it is right for you, I wanted to let you see all the research that I did. Click through all the links below and you will see a great deal of information about fasting.

Fasted Workouts are Better for Weight Loss:

Fasted Workout Benefits | Mark’s Daily Apple Research clearly shows that fasted workouts on an empty stomach are better all around for weight loss, muscle growth, and metabolic health. Publish Date: 12/20/2010 13:27 http://www.marksdailyapple.com/monday-musings-thoughts-on-fasted-training/

Intermittent Fasting Lowers Cholesterol:

Do Statins Reduce Small, Dense LDL? – Mark’s Daily Apple Besides, if it’s reducing sdLDL you’re interested in, you might just consider intermittent fasting. In a new study just released, researchers put obese adults on an alternate day fasting protocol for eight weeks and monitored their … Publish Date: 02/07/2011 12:28 http://www.marksdailyapple.com/statins-do-not-decrease-smalld-dense-ldl-cholesterol/

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting:

Better Blood Glucose with Lower Meal Frequency | Intermittent Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health. Articles, research, diet advice, and free guides from IF-expert, Martin Berkhan. … The subjects were lean, healthy and young; 18-35 year old males and females with an average of 12% and 30% body fat respectively. Thus they were metabolically healthy and representative of the health-conscious crowd. If they saw a negative effect of high-frequent feedings, one can speculate about what someone in worse … Publish Date: 01/03/2011 22:27 http://www.leangains.com/2011/01/better-blood-glucose-with-lower-meal.html Day 10: The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting : Fitness Spotlight Find out why and how to use intermittent fasting to improve your health and lose weight in the process. Publish Date: 01/13/2010 1:00 http://www.fitnessspotlight.com/2010/01/13/benefits-intermittent-fasting/

10 Fasting Myths:

Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked (Major Update Nov 4th On top of wrecking your metabolism, you should expect ravenous hunger, fat gain, muscle loss, and severe mental impairment. Or so you are told. Needless to say, people who are introduced to Leangains and the intermittent fasting diet concept have many fears that …… I usually only eat lunch and dinner, with a small amount of coconut milk in coffee/tea, but I think paying more attention to macronutrients will help lean me out (I’m about 12% BF on a bioimpedence device ). … Publish Date: 10/21/2010 19:39 http://www.leangains.com/2010/10/top-ten-fasting-myths-debunked.html

Fasting to Maintain Muscle Mass:

Intermittent Fasting for Neurotic Athletes : Fitness Spotlight Skyler Tanner gives a run-down of how he implemented Fasting to maintain muscle mass and not feel like he was going to lose all of his hard work. Publish Date: 09/15/2008 11:34 http://www.fitnessspotlight.com/2008/09/15/intermittent-fasting-for-neurotic-athletes/

Eat stop Eating Video:

After reading all the information in this Intermittent Fasting Resource you might have come to the same conclusion that I did. It’s a safe and healthy way to control your weight and definitely worth a try. The program that I recommend is Eat Stop Eating but you might have gotten a good enough education from this resource to try it on your own. Either way, give intermittent fasting a try and let me know how you make out.

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Best – Mike Cola

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