If You Want To Lose Weight: Change Your Focus

You can’t focus your whole life around food if you want to lose weight. A number of my personal training clients who have a hard time losing weight seem to schedule their lives around meals and spend a lot of their time talking about or focusing on food.

I have over weight clients and friends who would never think about missing a meal. They are always talking about what restaurant they went to. Or they can’t wait to get home and have a big dinner. They spend a lot of their mental energy thinking about food all day and are very frustrated when they can’t seem to lose weight no matter what they try.

There are so many different diets you can go on to lose weight. I have my favorites like a moderate carb all-natural diet but any diet that reduces your calories will result in lower body weight.  If you are having trouble losing weight change your focus on food. Don’t be afraid to miss a meal. Don’t plan your life around food. If you are not hungry don’t eat. Don’t plan to sit down and eat a full meal three times per day.

If you are the type of person who can’t wait to eat breakfast in the morning or can’t miss a meal without freaking out you most likely will have a weight problem. Having a well balanced diet is important but that does not mean you have to sit down three times a day and eat a full meal.

I know this can be hard for many people. Hey…. my father is Italian and my mother is Jewish so I know about families whose lives revolve around food.  Save the big meals for holidays; however, and in your normal everyday life find a different focus. Take a walk in the morning instead of having a big breakfast, skip lunch and go to the gym or just have a salad or bowl of soup for dinner. Every meal you eat does not have to be substantial or a dining experience. You can just grab a light snack like a small bag of almonds or piece of fruit to cut back on calories.

Give this approach a try for a few weeks. Whenever you start to think about food just delete the thought. Before you know it you will be skipping meals without even realizing it and the weight will start falling off.

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Best – Mike Cola

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4 Responses to “If You Want To Lose Weight: Change Your Focus”

  1. Nice post and great advice. I’d also like to add that you should start thinking about food as nourishment rather than entertainment. Every time you’re about to reach for something unhealthy, say to yourself “how will this nourish my body?”

  2. Mike,

    I regularly skip meals without problems. Once you get used to intermittent fasting, eating fewer than three meals a day becomes second nature. In fact, these days, I don’t even really get hungry until around noon. It really is about shifting your mindset.


  3. @ JP

    Good advice JP….”thinking about food as nourishment rather than entertainment”..

    @ Alykhan

    I like to skip meals too…. breakfast is my favorite meal to skip. It’s an easy way for me to eliminate a few hundred calories without much effort.

    Thanks for the comments – Best – Mike

  4. Great article.Skipping meal is not a big problem. it is depend on your mindset.