How to Avoid Hunger Pains

You should be able to miss a meal and not be hungry. If you’re the type who can’t miss a meal or has to eat by a certain time without getting lightheaded or ravenously hungry, you’re most likely burning sugar all day instead of fat.

My wife and I went out to dinner with friends this weekend. As soon as we sat down, one of are friends said he was really hungry and asked the waiter to quickly bring over some bread. I instantly said to myself “his body must have been surviving on sugar for fuel instead of burning fat”. I know it’s common for people to be so hungry that they can’t wait for their main meal to come and have to instantly eat tons of bread to get some sugar in their systems and feel better; I witness this all the time.

Unfortunately, it’s not good to get so hungry and have to quickly eat a bunch of empty sugar calories like bread to feel normal again. You should be able to skip a whole meal or not eat for a number of hours and not be overly hungry. If you can’t do that I would bet your eating too many empty calories and I would guess you’re most likely over weight. Even if you’re not eating very much but snack on small amounts of sugar all day like pretzels or sodas, what you’re doing is programming your body to burn sugar all day and not letting fat release into the blood stream to be burned as fuel.

What you have to do is reprogram your body to burn fat. You do this by eating protein and healthy fat while reducing simple insulin raising carbohydrates. When you eat sugars the first thing the body will do is burn the sugar as fuel. If you eat too much sugar your body will produce insulin, a storage hormone that helps remove the sugar from the blood steam and can store it as fat. If your snacking on carbohydrates like pretzels all day you will always be hungry. As soon as your body removes the sugar (pretzels) from your blood stream with insulin, you’re hungry again and you haven’t burned off any fat. You are pretty much living off of sugar all day.

If the scenario above sounds like you, your goal should be to eat mostly organic vegetables for your carbohydrates with organic meats, chicken, fish and eggs for your proteins and fats. Snack on nuts, seeds and some fruits. By eating this way your blood sugar will be more stable. You will keep insulin under control, you won’t be overly hungry if you miss a meal and your body will be programmed to burn fat as a fuel when ever possible.

I know conventional wisdom suggests that all that matters is calorie intake to calories burned when it comes to weight loss. But my 25 years of experience has showed me its not that simple. My contrarian view is that insulin can play a large role in weight gain, hunger and a number of other healthy related issues.

If your always reaching for the bread before dinner, try eating like I recommend in this article for a few weeks and let me know if you are less hungry and have lost some weight.

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Best – Mike Cola

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2 Responses to “How to Avoid Hunger Pains”

  1. Mike,
    Love the way you broke down in layman’s term, the insulin’s effect on the body. When I first saw how short the article was I didn’t know you would be able to explain the issue properly; I was wrong 😉

    Thanks & Cheers!

  2. Cheers mate. This is definitely, definitely me. I’ve been wondering why the hell I’m so hungry all the time and your explanation that I’m just not giving my body a chance to burn fat is very helpful.