High Protein Drinks Maximize the Effects of Exercise

New research has shown that high protein drinks maximize the effects of exercise. The research report appeared online in the FASEB Journal showing that consuming protein drinks right after a workout play a very important role in getting the most benefit from exercise.

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The report demonstrated that drinking as little as 20 grams of protein after you finish a 45 minute aerobic workout will maximizes the training effect better than drinking a carbohydrate beverage. The study also suggested that protein drinks help older subjects build more muscle from their workouts compared to their contemporaries who drank only carbohydrate beverages.

Benjamin F. Miller, Ph.D., a researcher involved in the study said “Studies such as ours help to explain how exercise and nutrition work so that we can better take advantage of those pathways to slow the aging process.”

Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of the FASEB Journal said “If you want to age gracefully, this study shows that proteins taken after exercise keep your muscles strong and fit” and “You’ve got to feed your body with the proper nutrients after a work-out. Fortunately, protein shakes are cheap, readily available and some say taste good.”

I have always felt that getting enough protein in your diet is very important for workout recovery and optimal training results. But this study, as well as others, has shown that the timing of when you eat protein is just as important. Research has shown that eating a meal with protein or drinking a protein shake within 45 minutes after a workout will produce the best training effect. There is a great book on this subject called Nutrient Timing by John Ivy and Robert Portman.

After reading Nutrient Timing, I started to experiment with nutritional timing to help me recover better from my workouts. I wrote a free report on this subject showing you exactly how to properly make a protein shake and implement it into your workout program. All you have to do is subscribe to my email list and I will send you this free report.

I hope my free report can help you maximize the effects of exercise with nutritional timing. Let me know if you ever tried timing your nutrition and if it worked for you.

Recommended Protein DrinkPrimal Fuel

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10 Responses to “High Protein Drinks Maximize the Effects of Exercise”

  1. Mike,

    I recently started taking a protein drink immediately after my strength training workouts and I have noticed a difference in muscle fullness.

    I still choose to not ingest any calories for at least a couple of hours following a HIIT cardio workout to maximize fat burning from EPOC.


  2. Great read, the pre and post workout shake are key when it comes down to recovery and maximizing the effects of your workout.

  3. Studies have shown that whey protein contains the .perfect combination of amino acids needed for optimal performance in the .body. Consistent supplementation of whey with a good exercise program will .yield the results that you are looking for…

  4. I totally agree with the protein shakes. I’ve been using shakes for the last 2 years, and after the first day I realize that my recovery timing was improving. Also what was very important to me is that kills hunger. I use to workout in the evenings, with the after shake, my dinner is a healthy an light meal, then I feel perfect for the next day

  5. You couldn’t be more right… Protein is extremely important and a little should be consumed with every meal — even for non-athletes, but especially important both pre and post anaerobic workouts… Feel free to share your link on my websites… CompleteTotalHealth.com and NutritionandFitness.biz Thanks for sharing the good stuff!

  6. I’ve been also drinking protein shake about 40 minutes before my workout, and then right after my workout. It definitely makes a huge difference in muscle composition.

  7. I can’t function without a protein shake after a workout. Without it my muscles are weak and shaky for the rest of the day

  8. Mike,

    I think the topic of protein intake is great to cover, but what do you suggest as appropriate amount of simple sugar intake with it? I always explain to my personal training clients here in Northern Virginia that you need to raise your blood sugar level ASAP with a simple sugar and take in protein right away – any advice on how to be more specific with this?

  9. Mike,

    Great article on the effects of high protein drinks. I love how you backed it up with credible sources which is rare for a short blog like this. Keep sharing the content!

  10. This is great and its right protein is very effective diet when it comes to health and fitness program.i my self are looking forward to loose my weight and i think this article was a good support.thanks for sharing content.
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