10 Healthy Things to Do Every Day

Living a healthy life style can be simple if you do these ten things every day. We are all very busy and seem to let the days fly by without taking time to do what is really important for mental and physical health.  Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult but can be simple if you do these ten things every day:

1-    Take a walk for 60 minutes

2-    Eat a large fresh salad

3-    Get 8 hours of sleep

4-    Lift some weight for 20 minutes

5-    Make love to your partner

6-    Laugh, smile and have a good time

7-    Meditate for 10 minutes

8-    Eat a broiled piece of fish

9-    Have a glass of vegetable juice

10-Spend an hour talking to your kids or a close friend

If you take a close look at this list you will realize that it is not expensive or difficult to live a healthy and happy life. We all have to prioritize what is important to us, and work at spending time with our family and friends, eating healthy, and exercising while of course, getting enough sleep.

What’s the hardest thing on the list for you?

The hardest thing on the list for me is making sure I have some fun every day and spend some time laughing. When I was a kid I seemed to laugh and have fun all day long but as an adult, I have to work at it longer. I seem to laugh the most with my kids so spending time talking to them every day makes me feel good.

What are the things you would do every day to live a healthier lifestyle? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Best – Mike

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2 Responses to “10 Healthy Things to Do Every Day”

  1. Mike,

    Nice list of tips. I think getting 8 hours of sleep is way underrated and this is one I definitely shoot for everyday.


  2. I would like to re-iterate the importance of walking to a person’s health – it may sound tedious and boring, but walking is a very beneficial and cheap activity that can empower one’s health. In addition with health supplements and other health boosters, walking helps avoid cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, which can be initially traced to sedentary lifestyles among certain individuals.