It’s early Thanksgiving morning and my daughter and I started talking about how much fun we were going to have seeing the whole family this holiday. Then we started talking about what foods we will be eating today. I was very curious to find out what foods kids think are healthy. I asked my daughter what are healthy foods for children?

My daughter had a great idea. She quickly emailed a few of her friends to ask them what they thought are healthy foods for kids? It was early so we only got a few responses.

A list of what children think are nutritious foods:

• Chicken is healthy -because they think it has lots of protein

• Banana is healthy -because they think it has lots of potassium

Broccoli is healthy -because all kids hate it.

• Spinach is healthy -because all adults love it

• Carrots are healthy -because its good for your eyes

• Salad is healthy -because it’s a leaf

This was a fun exercise to do with my daughter and her friends. I think they did a pretty good job of picking some healthy foods. Everything on the list is a nutritious food for children. Some of the reasons why they pick the foods are a little off track but it really shows how kids listen to what you say about food and watch everything you eat.

Young people think spinach is good for you just because adults like it. If you talk about the nutritious foods you eat in your house eventually it will transfer over to them. I have a harder time getting my son to eat right. He was the one who said “broccoli is healthy – because all kids hate it”. I don’t know where he got the association that all kids hate broccoli but now I’m going to start making it in all different ways to see if I can get him to enjoy it one day.

You never know what your children think about food until you ask them. There are so many misconceptions about what is and isn’t good to eat. As long as you teach your kids that whole natural, unprocessed foods are the way to go, you can’t go wrong.

Let me know what foods your kids think are healthy. I’m sure all the readers of my blog would find your list interesting.

I would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and thank everyone for contributing to this blog by making comments and subscribing to the site.

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Best – Mike Cola

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