I got an e-mail a few weeks ago from a woman who could not get rid of what she calls her belly pooch. She told me she has been eating right and working out and has lost some weight but her stomach is still sticking out. In response, I told her I will make a video explaining what I think might be the problem.

Getting rid of the belly pooch may have nothing to do with your diet or your aerobic program. For many people who are eating right and working out regularly but still have a belly pooch (stomach sticks out) the problem might be tight hip flexors. When your hip flexors are tight it tilts your pelvis into a position that makes your stomach stick out.

You can flatten your stomach by stretching out your hip flexors and strengthening your hip extensors. Stretching the three primary hip flexors known as Psoas Major, Illiacus and Rectus Femoris and strengthening the hip extensors known as Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings could solve the belly pooch problem for good.

Let  me know if you have a belly pooch problem and waht you have done to get rid of it.

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Best - Mike Cola


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