I ran a contest last year called Get Fat Fast. In this contest I asked everyone who is having trouble loosing weight to write down the 10 foods they would eat if they had to gain weight quickly (clink the link Get Fat Fast and checkout some of the lists people sent in). This is an exercise I have had my personal training clients do to help them lose weight. The reason for making the list is to change how you feel about eating the foods that make you fat fast.

If you can change the association you have with the unhealthy foods you eat, you will stop eating them. You have to convince yourself that eating the foods on your list will bring you more pain then pleasure. To change your behavior and stop eating foods that will make you over weight, you have to develop various negative associations (physical, mental and medical) with these foods. The pain has to greatly out way the quick pleasure of eating these foods.

How to use your get fat fast list

Foremost, if you have not made up your list, do it right now. Write down the 10 foods you would eat if you had to gain weight as fast as possible. Next, take each food on your list and go through the following process.

1. Write down all the pleasure you get from eating this food and how it makes you feel.

2. Write down all the pain it will cause you if you keep eating this food on a regular basis. Be very specific. List what it will do to your physical appearance. List what it will do to your health. List how you feel mentally after you eat it. List how it will effect your family, friends and your career. You have to convince your brain that eating these foods will cause you so much pain that it’s not worth eating them.

3. Write down a healthy replacement food for eating the food or drink on your list.

4. Write down how much pleasure you get from eating the foods on your new  healthy list.

Here is an example of a food on my list – Meatball Parmigiana Hero

1. The pleasure I get from eating a meatball parmigiana hero:

  • Tastes good
  • Filling
  • Quick and easy to eat.

2. The pain from eating a meatball parmigiana hero:

Physical Appearance Pain:

  • It will make me fat
  • If I’m over weight I will not look like a personal trainer
  • I will not look physically fit

Health Pain:

  • It’s loaded with salt and can raise my blood pressure and lead to a number of health issues like diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol to name a few.
  • It’s fried in unhealthy oil, can lower good HDL cholesterol and raise bad LDL cholesterol.

Mental Pain:

  • I feel guilty for over eating and knowing that it is not good for me.
  • I feel like I’m out of control of what I eat and have no will power
  • I can’t think clearly because I over ate

The Pain it Will Cause My Family, Friends and Career:

  • I will not live a long life
  • I will not see my kids grow up and have a family
  • I will not be able to play with my kids because I will be overweight and out of shape
  • I won’t be able to play sports competitively with my friends
  • I can lose my career; no one is going to listen to a personal trainer who is overweight

3. Replacement Food:

  • Grilled chicken over salad

4. Pleasure from Replacement Food:

  • I have no guilt; I know it’s a healthy meal
  • It tastes good and is filling
  • I will not get fat from this meal; it’s good nutrition
  • I  feel in control of my eating by making a good choice
  • I  feel healthy; no sugar crash
  • I’m helping my career by eating healthy

I know it’s time consuming to go through this process for every food on your list but it works. If you can associate a great deal of pain with eating these foods and than a great deal of pleasure for eating healthy foods you will never have a weight problem again. Keep sending me your lists. Give this exercise a try  and let me know if this process is working for you.

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Best – Mike Cola

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