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If you had to gain weight fast what foods would you eat? Well this is an exercise that I have used with my personal training clients who tell me they can’t lose weight no matter what they eat. I ask my clients to make up a list of the 10 foods they would eat if they had to gain as much weight as possible in a short period of time. I got the idea for doing this about 13 years ago while watching an interview on TV with Sylvester Stallone.  Sylvester just finished making the movie Cop Land with Robert DeNiro. Sylvester had to gain about forty or fifty pounds for the role. I have always been a fan of his and admired how he transformed his body from the first Rocky movie to a much lower body fat of the later movies.

When the interviewer asked him how he gained all that weight I was very interested in hearing his answer.  He indicated that he would eat a large stack of pancakes with syrup whenever he could. As soon as I heard that, I said to myself, I will never eat pancakes and syrup again. I instantly made the association that eating pancakes and syrup would make me gain 50 pounds.  That’s when I got the idea for my personal training clients that having them make up a list of foods they think will make them fat will stop them from eating those foods. It works if you make the association that eating those foods will make you gain weight.

One of the reasons why this works so well is that you make the list. No one is telling you what not to eat. You tell yourself what foods will make you fat.

Everyone reading this right now who has had trouble losing weight subscribe to my e-mail list. Then make a list of the top ten foods you would eat to gain weight as fast as possible and send it to me via comments.  I want to run a contest of these get fat fast lists. The person with the best list will win a prize like a digital camera. Keep checking back for more information about the contest.

Best – Mike Cola

Fitness Contrarian

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19 Responses to “Get Fat Fast Contest”

  1. An interesting way to look at avoiding foods that would fatten us.
    Couple of years back, I stopped eating anything that had chocolate in it (including chocolates, chocolate milk, hot cocoa etc) even though I loved it a lot. Similarly I associate sweets (rich Indian sweets) to weight gain mentally and so avoid them as much as possible.
    All this resulted in my weight being almost steady (fluctuating + or – 2 pounds) over this time.

  2. Actually, long-distance hikers have studied this question in detail, since we normally are desperately in need of gaining weight fast during town stops. The consensus is that ice-cream is the finest food ever developed for rapid weight gain. In Alaska, they favor sticks of butter rolled in brown sugar, but that only works in cold weather. Pancakes soaked in syrup doesn’t sound too effective at weight gain to me, due to the lack of fat. The body is very relectant to convert carbs to fat (de novo lipogensis). If you want to add body fat, you really need to eat fat. Now two pancakes with a stick of butter in between (a pancake butter sandwich), that sounds like a winner.

    It’s actually pretty difficult to gain weight rapidly. Most average sized men (5’10” tall, 165 pounds) can’t eat more than 10,000 Calories per day without getting sick, and if they are in good shape from hiking then basal metabolism will be at least 3000 Calories, which means weight gain will be less than 2 pounds per day. 10,000 Calories/day translates to about 3 half-gallons of ordinary ice cream, or somewhat less of the more expensive and thus higher-fat varieties.

  3. Thanks for the comment Fred. You make a number of good points. You seem like an expert in loading up on calories during your long distance hikes and I understand your point of view.

    For this post I was trying to get people who want to lose weight to make up a list of 10 foods they would eat if they had to gain weight to actually help them lose weight. Maybe I did not do a good enough job of getting my point across. I wanted readers who want to lose weight to look at their list and associate eating the foods on their list will make them gain weight. I was planning on showing everyone who sends me his or her Get Fat fast list how to use it to lose weight

    Thanks again for your input

    Best – Mike

  4. Fred: I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but dietary fat doesn’t fuel adipose tissue. It’s carbs that stimulate insulin and result in fat gain. The process is explained quite nicely in Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. Pancakes with syrup would be perfect due to the starch and the sugar from the syrup, which would result in a massive insulin spike to remove those sugars into the fat cells.

  5. I was once told by friend who had been in Drama that when actors need to gain weight for a movie they go with donuts because how fatty and sugary they are, and they are not very filling so you can eat a ton of them. Perhaps Mr. Stalone augmented his diet with donuts for the cop movie 😀

  6. 1. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Be it chocolate bars, cake, muffins, nutella, ice cream, I want it. And in copious amounts, please.
    2. Pastries (and I won’t even be picky). Just make sure it’s baked, carby, sugar-laden.
    3. Ice cream!!! (Different from chocolate because this can be any ice cream, and if it’s with chocolate– even better) What would be ideal if I could have all of these 3 together. And lots of it.
    4. BREAD. BREAD, BREAD, BREAD. BREAD! Croissants are lovely. French bread. Bagels, too! Mmm, lots and lots of bread.
    5. Something to put on that bread. Oil, butter, peanut butter, nutella (as mentioned), jam, jelly, honey even. (This last can go on — and can also be added to other things :))
    6. PECAN TARTS. (I like them so much that they have their own category.) Mmm, and doughnuts too (I don’t think I’ve mentioned these)– Don’t forget muffins.
    7. Candy. Preferably chocolate on the inside, but nutty too. Fuzzy peaches, junior mints, M&M’s… Mmmmmmmm.
    8. Fast food. If it’s not fried, doesn’t count. Burgers, fries, yummy wraps, tacos, etc. Pizza, too, I suppose. But that’s when I’m bored from everything else (Ha! As if!)
    9. Chips, cheezies, oreas, cookies, trail mix, sugary processed cereal. If it’s in a box, highly processed, and very delicious, count me in.
    10. Lovely, sugary drinks. Be it milkshakes, smoothies, McFlurries and Blizzards (whatever, they’re ice cream, but they do melt! Milk=drink. My list!)… Maybe even cocktails (but without the alcohol! So, pretty much just smoothies)… And some green tea (because its metabolism raising properties will burn everything on this list right off!)

    This was rather fun to make. I really wish that I could eat all of this without any repercussions. Unfortunately, I have to have a really strict diet and count everything, eat every 2-2.5 hours and have the right ratios to stay on track. But hmm, binging sure is appealing. (Can you gather that from this list?)

  7. I think the point is — we all know the calorie dense foods we crave/binge/have trouble with, and that these can result in weight gain. One person’s pancakes with syrup is someone else’s prime rib with mashed potatoes. But it’s more than just food…for me.

    Caramel mocha lattes with whip
    prime rib with all the trimmings
    pancakes with lots of butter and syrup
    cake, pastries and pie
    toast with butter
    cosmo martinis and margaritas
    coffee with lots of cream
    creamy double baked hash browns with cheese
    Eating my frustrations or disappointments instead of dealing with them honestly
    Eating in front of the television alone and with pure abandon
    “Second helpings” of any of the above

    As someone who’s taken off 71 pounds and kept it off … the last three items count at least as much as the food itself.

    Thanks for this post – it made me think about food that nourishes and movement that restores me.

  8. That’s actually a pretty interesting method, going to have to use that one on other people in the future.

  9. What a great idea…Here are my 10….
    1. Spreads and Margarine
    2. Packaged foods. Cake mixes, Bisquick, and other mixes

    3.Soups. Ramen noodles and soup cups contain very high levels of salt and fat.

    4. Fast Food…like all of it…

    5. Frozen Food. Those yummy frozen pies, pot pies, waffles, pizzas, even breaded fish sticks.

    6. Baked Goods…but not homemade baked goods…
    7.Soda…all of it even diet..

    8.Chips and Crackers.

    9. Breakfast food. Breakfast cereal and energy bars are quick-fix, highly processed products that contain trans fats, even those that claim to be “healthy.”

    10. Toppings and Dips. Nondairy creamers and flavored coffees, whipped toppings, bean dips, gravy mixes, and salad dressings.

  10. I just came across your video on youtube and I am one of those who has struggled with weight issues my entire life. I am not really interested so much in the contest part of this but more in the learning part…so here goes. The ten most fattening things I eat are….
    1. salad toppings/dressings (creamy, cheesy and meaty).
    2. pasta
    3. condiments
    4. ice cream
    5. tortillas
    6. fruit juice
    7. chocolate
    8. beer
    9. eggs
    10. hamburger meat

    The odd thing is, overall I eat pretty healthy. I don’t fry foods, I stay away from breads (except the occasional tortilla). I love fresh fruits and vegetables. However, I am not perfect and I do have these above things occasionally. The one that I have the hardest time with is the salad toppings. I love salad but tend to go overboard on the fattening stuff.

  11. Great contest! Let people write down what is making them fat and this makes them accountable for their actions. Hopefully, they won’t go to those foods. A huge problem is not the what is the how much they eat. Portion control and mindful eating is so important.

  12. 1. carrot cake loaded with butter and yummy frosting and walnuts
    2. Caramel slice smothered in chocolate and coconut flakes
    3. peanut butter with anything (spreads in general, nutella, coconut spread, jam etc)
    4. mint icecream 🙂 with choc pieces
    5. strawberry or avacado milkshakes with lots of syrup
    6. honey chicken smothered in sesame seeds
    7. anyhting chocolate (bars, muffins, muesli bars)
    8. pancakes or waffles, smothered in syrup, jam, whipped cream, icecream, caramelised banana and chocolate sauce
    9. arnott’s kingstons and monte carlos biscuits
    10. fried anything, chicken kiefs, chicken wings, chips etc, battered fish 🙂 YUMMY

  13. This is a great idea. I am a recent college graduate with a pretty low budget so I eat a lot of inexpensive food. Here’s my list:
    1. Cheeseburgers
    2. French Fires
    3. Mac & Cheese
    4. Ramen noodle soups
    5. Cola drinks
    6. BEER & Alcohol
    7. Fried chicken
    8. Bacon, Egg & Cheese
    9. Ice cream
    10. Snickers

  14. You make a good point. I sit at a desk all day and the tons of office snacks/birthday celebrations are killing me. I remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine refused to participate in celebrations. I should start doing that. This is my list:
    – Cake
    – Soda
    – Candy
    – Donuts
    – Individual 100 calorie snacks (about 10 a day)
    – Pizza
    – BBQ Foods (hamburgers, hotdogs, Ribs, etc…)
    – Fried Rice
    – Beer
    – White Castle, McDonalds, etc…

  15. I think the most fattening things are
    1. ice cream
    2. sweets that are not made from scratch
    3. potato chips
    4. cheese
    5. too much sugar in coffee
    6. too much dairy overall
    7. mac and cheese
    8. donuts
    9. too much bread
    10. fruit juice

  16. Hey Andre,

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    Best – Mike

  17. 1. pound bags of nuts
    I will consume them with abandon since they’re “healthy”
    2. nut butters
    Just give me a spoon!
    3. chips
    Take away the “c” and you know exactly where they land… hips!
    4. rice
    5. dried fruit
    6. energy bars
    7. cereal
    8. Pad Thai
    9. ice cream
    10. gluten-free baked good alternatives
    I have gluten allergy, but the healthfood store is full of fattening
    gluten-free options: brownies, cookies, etc.


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