Fitness Contrarian Principle # 10 – Outdoor Play Time

The older we get the less time we seem to spend outside. When we were kids all we wanted to do was go outside and have some fun. We would get a ball game going with some of our friends or just run around. I think we all miss that now. One of the unhealthiest things you can do as an adult is spend it all day inside.

Some of the happiest and healthiest people I know have fun doing outdoor hobbies like: hiking, skiing, walking, running, biking, fishing, boating, hunting, camping, surfing, beaching, gardening, horseback riding, kite flying, bird watching or just sitting and reading in a lounge chair. The list is really endless.

As adults, we have to find hobbies or activities that we like to do outside on a regular basis. We all need to feel the sunshine hitting our faces. Not only does it feel good but we also need the vitamin D from the sunlight. Vitamins D deficiencies have been well documented in recent years so don’t be afraid to get a little bit of unprotected sun. Don’t burn your skin but in my opinion, 10 minutes a day of sunshine is good for you. Take sunscreen and put it on after you have been outside for 10 to 20 minutes depending how strong the sun is and how fair you are.

We all know that play time is just as important as work time but we seem to forget it when we grow up. I remember years ago having a personal training client who was a prominent lawyer that worked very long hours. I would show up at his house two nights per week at 8:30 PM to train him. He would tell me how he missed spending time outside because many days he would leave for work early in the morning when it was dark and spend all day at his desk and then come home in the dark. You can’t live like that for too long before you start feeling burnt out.

Take a few minutes and make a list of the things you like to do outside and start to incorporate them into your every day life. A little outdoor playtime will go a long way to keep you happy and healthy.

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7 Responses to “Fitness Contrarian Principle # 10 – Outdoor Play Time”

  1. Mike,

    A group of my friends play pickup soccer twice a week at work during lunch. I try to join them at least once a week and it’s a really refreshing break from sitting in a cubicle in front of a PC all day.

    I agree that as you get older, it becomes difficult to participate in outdoor activities, but it is important both for your physical and mental health.


  2. Another good article on the health benefits of outdoor physical activity and Vitamin D. I read that the average person needs 20 minutes of direct sunlight where 75% of their skin is exposed everyday. It seems very few of us get this amount!

  3. Oh gosh, I need this. I just work and work and I really need some fresh air. Been going to the gym lately but I don’t see the sun.

  4. The only problem for this new generation or century is that there’s no time to play at playground and no availability for playground because they sit all day at their sofa to watch tv, play video games, and other activities which is not good. T_T

  5. @Barry. I agree with you. Modern technology also affects health.

  6. @Regine Sweet,

    It depends on how you manage the modern technology and the culture. All we have to do is to embrace science so that we can move forward.

  7. @Katherine and Regine, I strongly agree with you guys. but sometimes modern technology determine our lives and dreams.So Embrace It!