Remember that old adage about look at your friends and it will tell you a lot about yourself? Well if your goal is to live a healthy lifestyle having fit friends makes the whole process much easier. If your close friends are living an active lifestyle and eating mostly whole natural foods you will most likely follow suit.

Since most people in the US don’t live a healthy lifestyle you might have to make a real effort to find some fit friends to socialize with. In addition, it can be a problem if your immediate family is sedentary and not interested in being active or eating in a highly nutritious way.

One of the reasons it is easier for me to stay fit is because I’ve been working and owning gyms for over 30 years. I have always worked in the fitness industry so most of my associates and friends are like me. We enjoy working-out, spending time doing active things and are proud of how we eat, and look and live. There is a little bit of an instant comradely whenever I meet someone new if they are fit. I can instantly connect with a complete stranger if they live a healthy lifestyle because we have so much in common. Even if they have a completely different approach to fitness, I still feel we are in the unspoken healthy lifestyle club.

Now I’m not saying get rid of all your close friends and family that you love if they are out of shape.  I’m sure you already have at least one fit friend; however, in your life. So start there. Ask them what they are doing to stay so healthy and see if you can join in. They might be walking every morning, playing tennis several times per week, going to a gym daily or just eating well and taking care of the kids all day.  Try to spend more time with the fit person you know and see how it inspires you.

If you don’t have any fit friends check out the list below.

How to Make Fit Friends:

  • Join a gym; don’t be intimidated by gyms, they are one of the easiest places to meet people. Unfortunately only about 10% of the people who join a gym actually go.  If you start going to a gym you will keep seeing the same people so it’s almost impossible not to start saying hello to the other members and becoming friends.
  • Join a biking, walking or running group.  Joining any club where moving around is the goal is a great idea. You may not be aware of it but there are clubs for almost any activity in your local community. Contact town hall and inquire about all the local clubs and programs.
  • Reach out to a co-worker, if you don’t have a family member or close friend that is fit. It’s easy to approach a co-worker.  Just start a conversation by asking them how they stay in such good shape. Most people who are fit are proud of their selves and love to talk about how they do it.
  • Join weight watchers. Even if I don’t total agree with their weight loss philosophy, it doesn’t make a difference.  The best part of weight watchers are the meetings where like-minded people get together and become friends with the goal of losing weight.

When it comes to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle it’s really very hard doing it alone. You have to find like-minded fit friends to spend some time with. If you can make fitness a part of your social life half the battle will be won.

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Best – Mike Cola

Fitness Contrarian

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