One of my personal training clients was telling me that he is feeling unhealthy and really tired. I was surprised because he is in great shape and typically feels great. However, anyone can get caught up working too hard, not sleeping enough and letting their diet slip for a few weeks. Even the fittest people feel out shape from time to time. It happened to me last summer and I wrote about it in a post titled “Are You Feeling Out of Shape Now that it is the End of Summer”. If you’re feeling unhealthy try these tips that I gave my client.

5 Tips to Feel Healthy Quick

1- Start Juicing: There is no better way to super charge your diet with vitamins and minerals than with vegetable juice. Checkout this video that I did about how juicing can help lower your blood pressure. I also recommend the juicer that I use every day.

2- Get a Good Night’s Sleep: You can’t go too long without getting enough sleep. I wrote about the importance of sleep for your body and mind in this article titled “Get Adequate Sleep”. Most people need at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

3- Try a Fast: Fasting might seem counter intuitive when you are feeling tired and need energy. However, there are so many helpful benefits to fasting for 24 hours. Intermittent Fasting can energize your whole body. I have written a number of articles about the benefits of fasting called “ Fasting For Weight Loss”, “Intermittent Fasting Resource” and “ Skip Breakfast” to name a few.

4- Play Outside: It’s so easy to over work at your desk and let the days go by without spending enough time outside. For good health we all need to feel the sun hitting our faces on a regular basis. Read this article I wrote about the importance of getting outside called “ Outdoor Play Time”.

5- Do Easy Aerobic Exercise: When you are over worked and have not been sleeping enough, it’s no time to push too hard in the gym. Hard workouts are stressful on the body and should only be performed when you have been putting in the time to properly recover from them. Checkout this post I wrote about the benefits of easy workouts called “ Do Easy Aerobics on a Regular Basis”.

Whether you’re a fit person suddenly feeling unhealthy or someone who has not been taking care of yourself for quite some time, these 5 tips can really help. My client who is in good shape just over extended himself at work and even in the gym. When he started working long hours planning a big event, I should have told him that he needed to make sure he was getting enough sleep, eating well and not overdoing it at the gym. Actually, just one of these five feel healthy quick tips like juicing or intermittent fasting could have stopped him from feeling tired and unhealthy.

Let me know if you are feeling unhealthy and if you are, I hope these tips can help.

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Best – Mike Cola

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