Feeling Good


Feeling Good 101 – Your Guide To Feeling Good

Not only do we want to have the body of a 27 year-old but we also want to feel like one too.  Growing older is a good thing but feeling older because of aching joints, high blood pressure, and an inactive lifestyle can get you down.

I’m 49 years of age and know that it’s not easy feeling good all the time when you get older. I try my best to live an active lifestyle everyday while minimizing my chances of getting injured.

In this feel good guide, I wanted to highlight some of my best information on how to feel good, prevent injury and live a healthy active lifestyle.

1- Live an Active Lifestyle

2- Are You Feeling Unhealthy?

3- Eight Ways to Prevent Dementia

4- Keep Your Arteries Young

5- What I Learned on Vacation

6- Joint Mobility Movements

7- Accelerate the Recovery from an Injury

8- Eccentric Training to Heal Tendinosis

9- Does a Herniated Disc Cause Pain?

10- How a Dixie Cup Can Help Tennis Elbow

11- Tennis Elbow Treatment Program

12- Snow Shoveling Tips: Avoid Back and Elbow Pain

13- Most Common Supplement for Osteoarthritis

14- Outdoor Play Time

15- Stretches For Lower Back Pain

16- Vitamins For Energy

I hope you find this feeling good guide helpful. These are all the principles I have used over the last 25 years as a personal trainer to keep my clients feeling good and staying injury free. Check out a picture of my studio below. If you are ever in the New York area stop by for a visit.

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Best – Mike Cola