As a personal trainer I get calls all the time from women who say “I need to get skinny quick” or how can I “lose weight fast”. While I think it’s Ok to jump start your weight loss program and try to lose 10 pounds quickly by  following extreme weight loss methods (like overly exercising) for the short term, I don’t recommend using this approach every time you need to reduce your weight. If you keep on gaining all the weight back that you just lost, you have to find a lifelong strategy to keep yourself lean and fit permanently.

Most adults know themselves and their relationship with food. Anyone who has been struggling with their weight over the years has tried a number of different approaches where some have worked but they always seem to keep gaining the weight back. I have had many personal training clients who have lost 10, 20 and over 30 pounds with me and then put it right back on. It’s frustrating for me to see how well they were eating and working out and then go astray and gain it all back.

I have come up with multiple diet plains for my clients over the years. They are based on eating low calorie high nutritious foods while recommending the optimal about of exercise to produce the results they want without burning themselves out with too much exercise.

What’s the best way to control your weight long term?

It all comes down to not eating too many calories. Ninety percent (90%) of the calories that you consume have to be in the form of whole natural foods that give you the maximum amount of nutrition with the minimal amount of calories. In addition, you have to live an active lifestyle and maintain a regular reasonable exercise program. For more details about how I think you should keep yourself healthy and fit, check out my Fitness Contrarian Principles. After reading these principles, you will have the basic knowledge about how to eat, exercise and live an active lifestyle. (These fitness principles are a work in progress and I keep adding to them every week)

After working with people for over 25 years helping clients and friends lose weight, I have found that some people have to reprogram their minds to eat the right foods. They have to change the association they have with the foods that are keeping them over weight. If you want to stop eating the foods that you think are keeping you heavy then make sure you read this post called Don’t Get Fat Fast. I explain a mental exercise that I do with some of my clients to stop them from eating fattening foods they love. It’s not easy doing the exercise but it works.

Another method that has really helped my clients and I control our weight is with intermittent fasting. I wrote a popular post about my experiences with fasting called Fasting For Weight Loss. I learned a lot about intermittent fasting from Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eating program. You have to check out Brad’s web site Eat Stop Eating web site. He has one of the best programs I have come across for losing weight.

If you are ever saying to yourself “I have to get skinny fast” than start thinking more long term. It’s Ok to lose some weight quickly but to keep it off you have to find a long term plan. I hope this website can help you. Let me know if you found this article helpful.

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Best – Mike Cola


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My name is Mike Cola (yeah that is me in the pic @ 54 years old). I’ve been called a “Contrarian” since I believe that most mainstream fitness approaches are extremely inefficient.

I achieved the look in that photo just training 3 times per week. My specialty is helping people reach peak condition without having to hit the gym 6-7 times per week.

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Best - Mike Cola

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