Extreme dieting can work in the short term if done correctly. While I don’t usually recommend it, sometimes it is necessary. For example, it may be necessary if your getting married in 4 weeks and you have to lose weight to fit into your dress or your going to star in a move in a few weeks and you haven’t gotten down to the weight  required for the role.

If you have to lose weight fast here is one approach to undertake:

The low carbohydrate approach can work well to lose weight fast in the short term. When eating little or no carbohydrates, your body will quickly deplete its carbohydrate stores. (When you eat a lot of carbohydrates like breads, pasta, sugars and even healthy carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables your body breaks these foods down and stores them in the form of glycogen in your muscle and liver for future energy needs.) One of the big problems with carbohydrates is that for every gram of carbohydrates you store you also store a few grams of water along with it. So by depleting your glycogen (carbohydrates) stores you will quickly lose water weight. I’ve seen people lose any where from 3 to 5 pounds or more in a couple of days. Keep in mind it’s not healthy to stop eating carbohydrates entirely. If you do it for too long you will start to cannibalize yourself and burn muscle as fuel, and in addition, you will have low energy if you’re an active person. I would only undertake this low carbohydrate approach for a couple of days as a jump start to quick weight loss. Afterwards, you should start eating a low-calorie high nutrition well-balanced healthy diet.


I wrote an article called Weight Lose Calorie Formula which recommends taking your body weight and multiplying it by ten and that is the amount of calories you should eat for weight loss. Keep in mind when following this low calorie formula you still have to be careful with how many carbohydrates you eat. Your muscles and liver can only hold so much carbohydrate. Once they are full whatever carbohydrates you eat afterwards will turn to fat and weight gain.

A technique used by bodybuilders to lose weight:

– Bodybuilders are known for having very low body fat and are very experienced at losing weight. A common technique that bodybuilders use to lose weight is to keep their protein and fat consumption the same and to control their weight by how much carbohydrates they eat. When they need to lower their body fat they will cut back on carbohydrates and possibly a little fat but keep their protein consumption the same. I have used this technique before with very good success.

Don’t make this mistake when trying extreme dieting:

–  A big mistake I see people doing when trying an extreme low carbohydrate or any extreme diet is that when they go off of it they go extreme in the other direction and just eat horribly. If you’re going to try a low or no carbohydrates diet for a day or two don’t ruin it by bingeing. Use it as a jump start to good healthy low- calorie high nutrition well-balanced eating plan.

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Best- Mike Cola

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