Easy Way to Lose Weight Fast

Sometimes I forget how healthy my wife  and I eat compared to our friends . This weekend we had some unexpected friends stop by right before dinner. I like when friends stop by and was excited to have them join us for dinner.  My wife had made a salad,  roasted chicken, baked brussel  sprouts and baked red potatoes. This is a typical Sunday late afternoon dinner for my family.

When we sat down to eat I started to realize that we did not have some of the typical things my friends were use to eating with their food. For example, when my wife put out the salad we only had olive oil and vinegar for the dressing. My friends would have liked salad dressing but we did not have any.  Then they asked for some bread to go with the salad but we did not have any bread either.

At this point I started to get a little concerned knowing that my wife cooks with no salt or butter. When the main course came out, our friends were looking for the salt shaker and some butter to put on their potatoes. Unfortunately we did not have either salt or butter. I suggested they use some olive oil and black pepper for their potatoes . They looked at me like I was crazy.

My friends were gracious and ate a little bit of everything. I think they were hoping for a good dessert. We rarely eat dessert and did not have anything besides fruit and some Port.

I’m glad my friends stopped by. We had a great time but when they left I realized how most families take healthy foods like salad, chicken, vegetables and potatoes and ruin them by adding salad dressing, salt, butter, bread and dessert. A seemingly healthy meal can turn into an unhealthy meal with just a few tablespoons of salt, butter and salad dressing. One of the easy ways to lose weight fast is to keep the bad stuff off the table.

Do you cook regularly with butter and salt? Are there bread and a salt shaker on the table with every meal?

Do you think if…… you got ride of the salt, butter and beard on the table. Would it be easy for you to lose weight?

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3 Responses to “Easy Way to Lose Weight Fast”

  1. I’m always cooking strange new vegetarian dishes for my friends. At first, they’re not sure they want to eat the “health” food, but once they give it a try, I usually have them hooked! I’m always a little nervous serving them at first, but then happy when they end up enjoying it.

  2. A friend come over from Italy a while back and when eating in a local cafeteria one of the first things they observed was that Americans put much more fat on their food in the form of Dressings and flavorings than Europeans. The friend continuted to observe this the entire time they were in the US.

  3. I also thinks that Americans put much more fat on their food, thus causing health problems.