One of the easy ways to lose weight fast is with intermittent fasting. Not only can you lose weight quickly but it is a very easy diet to follow. Most people have a lot of misconception about fasting and think that it is an extreme thing to do to lose weight but in actuality it is safe and possesses a number of health benefits. Studies have shown that intermittent fastingcan improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure, reduce oxidative damage, help repair muscle tissue and definitely reduce your body fat.

I have had so much success with my personal training clients and myself when we use intermittent fasting in the right way. The weight just seems to fall off and stay off, if you stick with the program and follow a simple exercise program.

Easy diet to lose weight fast

One of the main reasons why the diet is so easy to follow is because all you have to do is skip one meal per day or just fast for 24 hours once every few days. You don’t necessarily have to change what you are eating to lose weight. You can still eat your favorite foods but since you are eliminating one meal per day or not eating for 24 hours every few days, you will be creating enough of a calorie deficit by the end of the week to lose weight quickly.

Nevertheless, I do recommend eating a healthy diet made up of whole natural foods. But if you like the foods you are eating and just want to drop some weight, give this diet a try. First, start off with skipping a meal; it can be breakfast or any meal that fits into your schedule. Then take the plunge and try not eating for the whole day. Just drink unsweetened tea all day. I think you will be surprised how good you will feel and you won’t be as hungry as you think.

I started researching fasting over a year ago and came across a few web sites that had some great information like Mark’s Daily Apple and Lean Gainers. However, I learned the most from Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eating program. If you are looking to lose weight fast and want to follow a specific program, I think you will love the Eat Stop Eating web site and fasting program. Brad just updated the program a few months ago and it’s great.

I really think that fasting is one of the easy ways to lose weight fast.

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Best – Mike Cola


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