Unfortunately, eating a modest 100 extra calories a day can make you ten pounds heavier by the end of the year. It’s really hard for my personal training clients to understand that just cutting 100 calories from their diet by not eating that extra piece of toast in the morning can lead to a 10 pound weight loss by year’s end.

The best way to cut 100 calories from your diet is to get rid of empty sugar calories. Not only will you lose some weight but you will feel better due to more stable blood sugar. If you follow my list below and just reduce your sugar consumption by 100 calories, you will be 10 pound lighter in 350 days.

Best Ways to Cut 100 Calories


  • Skip the large glass of orange juice and have an orange instead.
  • Never eat a whole bagel, ½ is more than enough.
  • You don’t need over a cup of oatmeal, try ½ a cup instead.
  • Have eggs without the toast.
  • Keep in mind every packet of sugar in your coffee is 10 empty calories.


  • No soda, have sugar free ice tea or water.
  • Don’t have the roll or piece of bread with your soup or salad.
  • Stay away from sandwiches that are made with rolls or heroes. Have a small pita instead.
  • Eat tuna or chicken salad on a bed of lettuce not on bread as a sandwich.
  • Tortilla wraps are 13-inches of empty calories; make the wrap with ½ a tortilla.


  • If you’re having grains, measure out 1/3 of a cup. Anything more is overdoing it.
  • Substitute  vegetables for another serving of rice.
  • Have ½ of a large baked potato instead of a whole one.
  • Start the meal with salad instead of bread.
  • Keep the bread off the table; try thin bread sticks if you have to


  • Buy pre-measured snacks, no more than 100 calories.
  • Choose fruit over a bag of pretzels.
  • Choose plain yogurt over flavored yogurt.
  • Choose flavored seltzer over soda.
  • Choose celery stalks over dried fruit.

Getting rid of 100 calories can be pretty easy if you follow the list above. All you have to do is just pick one meal and make the 100-calorie change and you could be 10 pounds lighter by the end of the year.

Let me know if you have any good ideas for cutting 100 calories from your diet.

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Best – Mike Cola

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