A recent study has shown that consuming red pepper can burn more calories and control appetite after a meal. Research from Purdue University has found that adding some red pepper to your diet, especially if you are not used to eating it, can possibly help in the fight against obesity.

Richard Mattes, a Professor of Foods and Nutrition, who was involved in the study said, “This finding should be considered a piece of the puzzle because the idea that one small change will reverse the obesity epidemic is simply not true. However, if a number of small changes are added together, they may be meaningful in terms of weight management. Dietary changes that don’t require great effort to implement, like sprinkling red pepper on your meal, may be sustainable and beneficial in the long run, especially when paired with exercise and healthy eating.”

The study used about half a tablespoon of red pepper which is a reasonable amount. Past studies have shown the effectiveness of chili peppers for burning more calories but at much larger amounts (unrealistic) then this study. Other studies have looked at taking pepper in the form of a capsule but this showed that tasting the pepper might be part of what made the pepper work so well. Mattes said, “That burn in your mouth is responsible for that effect,” he said. “It turns out you get a more robust effect if you include the sensory part because the burn contributes to a rise in body temperature, energy expenditure and appetite control”

The study used ordinary dried, ground cayenne red pepper, that can be found anywhere.

I personally love spicy food and with the possible added benefit of burning some extra calories and not being hungry after a meal, it sounds good to me. In addition, I  like to limit the amount of salt in my diet to fewer than 1,000 mg per day so I am always looking for alternatives to salt when I’m cooking. This study gives me more of a  reason to ditch the salt and use the peppershaker.

Best – Mike Cola

Red Pepper Can Curb Appetite and burn More Calories



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