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Biceps Training – Train The Arms At Different Angles

To fully develop the biceps you have to train them at all different angles. In this Youtube biceps training video, Mike Cola explains and demonstrates in detail how to attack the arms with three different exercises. Each movement will put the greatest amount of resistance on the biceps at different points during the range of […]

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How to Train All Three Heads Of The Triceps

How to Properly Train All Three Heads Of The Triceps In this video, I explains and demonstrate a scientific approach to picking the right exercises to fully develop the triceps using the cable machine. Understanding how all three heads work (long, medial and lateral heads) and how to pump then up safely at different angles, […]

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Ultimate Shoulder Workout

If you want strong, round delts that stand out, then you want to do these shoulder exercises. In this Youtube video Mike Cola explains the ultimate shoulder workout routine. You will learn how to fully develop your shoulders so they look good at every angle (front, side and back). The key to fully developing the […]

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Chest Workout With Mobility Movement

Mike Cola explains a great chest workout with mobility movement. This chest training routine that will safely & effectively develop your chest using easy to follow techniques If you’re 40 years of age or older, this chest training routine is perfect for you (however it can be very effective at any age). Training at slower […]

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Best Back Workout For Definition

Best Back Workout For Definition. Training your back with Pre-exhaust Technique will develop your back quickly and safely. In this video Mike Cola explains three exercises that will make your back strong using easy to follow advanced techniques. If you’re 40 years of age or older, this back training routine is perfect for you but […]

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