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Should You Workout on Christmas Day?

Should you take a day off from training on Christmas day or take advantage of a day off and squeeze in a workout? My personal training clients were always curious if I would workout on big holidays like Christmas and New Years. Well when I was younger I would never miss a workout. I would [...]

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Make a Light Weight Feel Heavy

You should always be careful in the gym and respect the amount of weight you lift. It’s real amazing the amount of weight I used to be able to lift in the gym when I was younger. Watching an average size 170 lb. man squatting 405 lbs or seeing a 120 lb women leg pressing [...]

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Should you Workout on Unstable Surfaces?

Balance boards, Bosu, inflatable disks, foam rollers, and physioballs are all popular devices you see in the gym. Personal trainers, physical therapists and gym members  use these devices to work on balance and enhance muscular core activation. However, do these devices really help everyday balance and do they activate the muscles of the core more [...]

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Confused about Stretching?

There seems to be a lot of debate about stretching. Is there any real benefit to stretching? Do I need to stretch before playing sports? The New York Times just published an article called “ How Necessary is Stretching” which pointed out that runners who had tight hamstrings seemed to run easier (better running economy) [...]

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Top Ten Fitness Trends for 2010

The American Collage of Sports Medicine (ACSM) conducted a survey of nearly 1.500 fitness professionals to predict the top 10 fitness trends for 2010. Top Ten Fitness Trends for 2010: 1- Educated & Experienced Fitness Professionals (Consumers will be looking for national certied fitness professionals) 2- Strength Training 3- Children and Obesity 4- Personal Training [...]

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