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Joint Mobility Movements

What has helped my joints and whole body feel so much better over the past year is incorporating joint mobility movements into my workout program. I personally think that joint mobility or mobility movements are going to be the next buzzword in the fitness industry just like core training or functional training was 10 years ago.

Joint mobility drills are simple movements that bring lubrication to the joints, which can help heal and rejuvenate them. You almost have to look at your joints as separate from your muscular system even though they are all connected. When you are doing these movements you’re not trying to stretch your muscles(…)

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The Top Five High Risk Winter Sports

At least one in ten athletes in the 2010 Winter Olympics was injured. The British Journal of Sports Medicine just published a report listing the winter sports that cause the most injuries, the winter sports that cause the least injuries and what the most common winter sport injuries are. The top five high-risk winter sports [...]

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Accelerate the Recovery from an Injury

There are a number of innovative medical treatments now available to accelerate the recovery from an injury. Platelet -rich plasma (PRP) and Prolotherapy are two cutting-edge treatments sought after by athletes and individuals suffering from acute injuries and chronic pain. PRP was brought into the spotlight last year when Pittsburgh Steelers (…)

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How a Dixie Cup Can Help Tennis Elbow

There are many benefits to icing your injuries. Icing is a proven way to decrease inflammation and swelling, and reduce pain. In this video, I will show you how to use a Dixie cup to give yourself an ice massage.

Using a Dixie cup is a great way to ice any part of the body. It works particularly well for tennis elbow and all tendinitis injuries (…)

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Eccentric Training to Heal Tendinosis

For years the standard way to relieve over use tendon injuries was rest, ice and strengthening. But research has shown that how you strengthen a tendon makes a big difference in how quickly you can get relief. If you have a chronic tendonitis that turned into tendinosis and are not getting better you should consider [...]

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