The Simplest Way to Build Your Body

The first gym I ever joined was a Nautilus only gym back in 1977. I was 15 years old and wanted to be a bodybuilder. I remember walking into the gym and seeing all the 1970’s brown colored equipment. An average built guy in his 40s greeted me at the door; he had just...

Isometric Exercise For Joint Strength

Isometric Exercise For Joint Strength And Stability Most bodybuilders and strength athletes understand the benefits of concentric and eccentric muscle contraction in their training but so many neglect isometrics. Isometric exercise is a powerful way to strengthen and...

Resistant Starch For Weight Loss

Most people eating a low to moderate carbohydrate diet for good health and to lose weight think they should avoid starchy carbs like potatoes and rice. But contrary to popular belief, you can eat rice and potatoes on a low carb diet if you let them cool down. They...

Should You Eat Fats And Carbs Together For Weight Loss?

Food combination diets have come in and out of popularity over the years. I’ve been watching some videos on Youtube lately promoting the diet theory of not combining carbs and fats in the same meal. I think this type of diet might be the next trend. Let’s take a...

How To Make Intermittent Fasting Easier

How To Make Intermittent Fasting Easier To Follow I started blogging about intermittent fasting back in 2009 when it was unpopular and considered crazy by many nutrition experts. But time and science has proven that meal skipping and intermittent fasting is an...

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My name is Mike Cola (yeah that is me in the pic @ 54 years old). I’ve been called a “Contrarian” since I believe that most mainstream fitness approaches are extremely inefficient.

I achieved the look in that photo just training 3 times per week. My specialty is helping people reach peak condition without having to hit the gym 6-7 times per week.

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