Conventional wisdom will tell you that eating the yolks of eggs will raise your cholesterol and lead to heart disease.  Here at Fitness Contrarian; however, we feel the opposite. Egg yolks are the most nutritious part of the egg.

Whole eggs have been a corner stone of my breakfast for years.  One of my favorite breakfasts are three large whole organic eggs made in an omelet with half an avocado and a few slices of tomato. First, I heat up the pan with medium to light heat, add a little bit of olive oil, scramble up the eggs, cut up the avocado, slice up the tomato and pour it all into the pan.  I use a spoon to push down the edges so it is easy to fold and then flip. It only takes about 6 or 7 minutes to make. I normally have this with a cup of coffee (with a little half and half; no sugar) and a piece of fruit.

Whole eggs are a great source of protein, fat, selenium, folate and B vitamins. It’s important to eat only organic eggs. The organic grass-feed chicken eggs have up to 20% more omega-3s (the healthy fats) than the factory grain-feed chicken eggs. The popular belief that eating the yolk can lead to high cholesterol and is not heart healthy is a misnomer. The yolk is loaded with healthy omega-3s and other important nutrients.

A Harvard Medical School study of 115,000 subjects over a 14-year span showed no correlation between eating one whole egg a day and heart disease or stroke.  In addition, another study from the International Journal of Obesity suggested that eating two whole eggs for breakfast over a bagel helped participant’s lose weight.

Eggs are affordable, nutritious and easy to make. Give my recipe a try and let me know if you like it.

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Best – Mike Cola

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