It’s hard to explain why people who drink seem to live longer than people who do not drink. A new study that was reported by Time and published in the journal called Alcoholism, said that for some reason that is unknown, abstaining from drinking alcohol increases your risk of dying. What was more surprising is that the mortality rate was higher for non-drinkers than for even heavy drinkers.  (Moderate drinking is considered one to three drinks per day.)

We have all read about the benefits of drinking red wine for the antioxidants and heart health benefits but for drinkers to live longer then non-drinkers is really hard to explain.  Some of the researchers feel that non-drinkers have higher rates of depression then drinkers. Non-drinkers don’t join in on the party on a social level.

The authors of the paper want to make sure that you don’t get the wrong idea and start drinking heavily. Drinking too much can ruin your life with addiction and other irresponsible behavior that can get you into trouble.

That being said, this study may be the strongest evidence that having a glass of wine or two to relax and have some fun might make you live a little longer.

If you are concerned about what is the Best Alcoholic Drink When You’re Dieting, check out this article by Tome Venuto. Tom did a Question and Answer guest post on my blog a few months ago.  Read it and let me know if you like it.

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