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Red Pepper Can Curb Appetite

A recent study has shown that consuming red pepper can burn more calories and control appetite after a meal. Research from Purdue University has found that adding some red pepper to your diet, especially if you are not used to eating it, can possibly help in the fight against obesity. Richard Mattes, a Professor of […]

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The SINGLE Ingredient That is Keeping You From Losing Weight

This is a guest post from Rafi Bar-Lev who blogs at Passionate Fitness and recently wrote an article on how to gain weight fast. The SINGLE Ingredient That is Keeping You From Losing Weight Dianna sat there, drinking her diet cola and wondering why she just wasn’t able to lose weight. It just didn’t make […]

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Healthy Protein Diet Menu

A Protein Diet Menu is not making America over weight. I have always felt that it is a misconception that overweight Americans get more than enough protein from their diets. Whenever I evaluate a new personal training client who is over weight and wants to lose weight, I ask them to keep a food diary […]

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Eight Ways to Prevent Dementia

The idea of losing your ability to think clearly and remember people and places is a very scary thing for anyone who is getting older. Unfortunately Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is on the rise in the U.S. (an estimated 4.5 million Americans live with dementia). But you should not feel hopeless; there are things you can […]

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