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Too Much Exercise Makes You Hungry

I’ve been telling my clients for years not to control their weight with too much exercise. Most people think they have to exercise for numerous hours per week to burn the extra calories and lose weight. The popular belief for weight loss is the longer and harder the better. But my 25 years of experience […]

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The Winner of the Get Fat Fast Contest is Christopher

The winner of the Get Fat Fast Contest is Christopher; congratulations to him. I would like to thank everyone for entering the contest and sending me your list. I will post a picture of Christopher with the digital camera in the next few weeks.

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Three Parts to a Safe Repetition

When I’m teaching a new client how to lift a weight and perform proper repetitions (reps) within a set, I like to break it down into three parts. Most new trainees don’t think too much about lowering the weight or slowing it down before changing direction and raising the weight. Most of their efforts are […]

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