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How Hard and Long to Work-Out

When I was in my twenties, I loved to train long and hard. I would train hard every day. Spending 60 minutes just training my chest and back was normal for me followed by a five mile hard run. I felt that the only way I could look how I wanted to look and be […]

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Muscle Tightness Comes from Muscle Weakness

To a large extent muscle tightness comes from muscle weakness. Muscles become tight to protect the body from injury. When the body identifies a weakness or instability in and around a joint the body will tighten up to prevent injury. This raises the following question. Should you stretch went you’re tight or should you strengthen […]

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Mark’s Daily Apple

A few weeks ago I came across a web site that I really like. It’s called Mark’s Daily Apple. I wrote an article about Primal Fitness a few weeks ago and Mark’s site is loaded with great information on living the primal lifestyle. He just wrote a book called Primal Blueprint and is offering some specials […]

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Get Fat Fast Contest will be Ending on April 1, 2020

My don’t Get Fat Fast contest will be ending on April 1, 2010. Please send me your list of the top ten foods you would eat if you had to gain weight fast and you could win a digital camera. If you have any friends who want to lose weight let them know about the […]

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Sugar Kills Muscle Tissue

When I was in my teens, over 30 years ago, I spent a lot of time reading bodybuilding books and magazines looking for information on how to build a muscular body. The top bodybuilders of the time were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Franco Colombo, just to name a few. I will never forget reading […]

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