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Are Basic Exercises the Real Secret?

Yes, there are certain basic exercises you must do to develop a healthy body. Besides doing some form of aerobics like running, walking or biking there are basic resistance movements like squats and lunges for the legs, push-ups and bench press for the chest, pull-ups and rows for the back, shoulder press and laterals for […]

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Lack of Sleep Leads to Weight Gain

How do you feel when you do not get enough sleep? I’m sure you’re tired but do you realize you’re hungry, as well. On the days that I feel hungrier than normal I have noticed I did not get enough sleep the night before. I feel like I’m eating all day for energy because I’m […]

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Is Barefoot Running Safe?

New research has found that running barefoot is safe. Scientists have studied how the foot hits the ground while running barefoot or with minimal footwear and have determined that the foot does not heel-strike when it lands.  Running shoes are designed for heel-striking. When your running barefoot you’re more likely to land on the balls […]

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Reduce the Sodium and Lose Weight

One of my personal training clients lost over 35 lbs last year following one simple rule: Don’t eat more than 1,500mg of sodium per day. When you reduce the sodium in your diet to no more than 1,500mg a day it becomes real difficult to gain weight. All the processed foods that are most likely […]

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Don’t Get Fat Fast – Food Contest – Starting 1/12/10

The official starting date for the contest is 1/12/10 and will run for eight weeks. You have to subscribe to my e-mail list to qualify for the contest. Then make a list of the top ten foods you would eat to gain weight as fast as possible and send it to me via comments under […]

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