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Tennis Elbow Treatment

Quick tips to get rid of tennis elbow: Loosen the strings in your tennis racket Consider changing to a more flexible tennis racket Wear a tennis elbow support Ice your elbow for 15 minutes right after you play Consider taking anti-inflammatory medication (ask your doctor) Rest your elbow Keep in mind the reason you have […]

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Risks of Being Over Weight

Risks of Being Over Weight Research has found that being over weight is responsible for 216,000 premature deaths each year. Being over weight is one of the top three preventable causes of death in the US, right behind smoking and high blood pressure. According to a press release from the Harvard School of Public Health, […]

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Does a Herniated Disc Cause Pain?

A herniated disc in your back or neck may not be the cause of your pain. Dr John Sarno states in his book Healing Back Pain that “it has been my experience that herniated disc material is rarely responsible for pain or other neurological symptoms”. If you have back or neck pain and a MRI […]

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