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Lose Weight by Lifting

You can’t control your weight with long hard aerobic sessions forever; it’s an uphill battle that most people lose.  You have to lift weights to lose weight.  The popular way to lose weight is with long and sometimes very hard (like spinning) aerobic sessions that leave you tired, over trained, hungry and vulnerable to burnout […]

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Surfing Warm Up 40 and Over

Laird Hamilton in the picture to the left is the worlds greatest big wave surfer.  I’m sure Laird warms-up before getting into the water. Check out my video about warming up before surfing.

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How to Warm-up before a Workout

One of the biggest mistakes people make in the gym is not warming up properly before a workout. In fact most people do more harm then good and set themselves up for injury. Most importantly, an appropriate warm-up should increase your body temperature (warm you up) and get you ready for more strenuous exercise. When […]

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